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a studio rooted in love. in support. in inspiration. in community. in health.

our owner, charlotte, dreamt of the day she could combine her love for yoga, fitness, meditation, community, nature, and aesthetic inspiration. with hard work, support, and a purpose so deeply-rooted, that dream came true.

welcome to the world, breathe strength.

charlotte's health journey began in 2010 after the unexpected loss of her mother and her own diagnosis of familial hypercholesterolemia. her simultaneous healing of her grieving mind and genetically-ill body lead her to the beauty of holistic wellness. when she felt and saw the effects of physical exercise, proper nutrition, and a solid support crew, she wanted to share the magic with others.

charlotte had the vision of a wellness center dancing in her mind for years, and started by transforming her father's barn into a fitness studio where she taught "beach bootcamp" and personally trained her clients. shortly after she graduated from college, she entered the corporate world, following the path of society. each day she felt as if she wasn't living up to her potential, and waited for the clock to hit 5pm so she could teach yoga. and after three years of professional office attire,  rush-hour traffic, and a clear, promising corporate career path, she decided to follow her dharma.

charlotte's vision is to share wellness with others. she is a natural hype-woman and thrives from seeing others recognize their power and ability. the mission of breathe strength is to support, inspire, and encourage the journey of a healthy life to everyone who walks through the doors.

we are all healing separately, but breathe strength offers the community a space where we can heal separately, together.

we cannot wait for you to feel the energy shift as soon as you step in.


listen to charlotte's story on spotify!